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May 13, 2011

Every day as I drive my truck down the highway, I get the opportunity to sit back and think. I think about my past and think about my future. My daddy Bamm Bamm was a hard working man. I never had much as a baby Bamm Bamm growing up, but I had everything a young child would need. My daddy Bamm Bamm taught me to take a fishin' pole and respect the water the good Lord gave us. My daddy Bamm Bamm bought me my first rifle and taught me to love the wildlife that the good Lord put around us. I didn't need any video games, I had the good ole' outdoors. I didn't need a hand-out or a check twice a month for doing nothing. I believed that the good Lord gave me tools, just as he gave everyone else. Tools that seperated myself from everyone else. Tools that could better the society and the world in which I live by just using ole' fashioned hardwork. As I sit around now driving down that highway, I think about these things, over and over again. I think about the man my daddy Bamm Bamm raised, who i've become as a person, the morals in which I live by...and then I think about the rest of the world. The more I think, the more I am disgusted. The more I am embarassed at what this once great country has become. It all starts with you degenerate Yankees. Looking for your handouts. Sitting at home playing your video games but always wondering why never catch a break in life. Your always wanting a dollar out of 15 cents. Constantly looking for the easy way out and thinking out of selfishness rather then our fellow man as a whole.

People come up to me now and ask me, "Bamm Bamm, why have you changed?". Why have I "changed"? I haven't changed. As a matter of fact, my vision in life has never been more clear. My daddy Bamm Bamm set me straight, just as he would from time to time when I would wander into that ole' mean Miss. Keenes' yard as a baby Bamm Bamm. If anything, I have simply resorted back to the man I was raised to be. A hard working man who fights for his beliefs, who believes there is good in all people if they clense their negativity and give themselves to the southern way of life. I see each and every one of you at these wrestling events and I vomit in my mouth. You are all pathetic. Cursing in public, not respecting your women, cheering for people like...Chace Rawlings.

Don't think I've forgotten about you Chace. Back home in the sweet southern lands of Tennessee we have a phrase for people like you. We call you folks "Slow to the uptake". That means your a little bit slower then everyone else. That the waves in your head don't quite register as us common folks do. You remind me of little Billy Robinson that lived on the corner. He always thought he was something else, because he lived in the neighborhood the longest. Always thought he was cool becuase he knew everyone. Was always the one to make a scene when someone else was getting more attention. You are exactly like him. Stealing my thunder as I was trying to not only be the #1 contender to the EWA Heavyweight Championship, but be the ONLY contender. You are a perfect example of everything wrong with society. Living your life like a rampant misquito trying to suck all the money out of your low-life fans to buy your outlandish horns. You make me sick. It is all your fault that I am not the sole #1 contender. Son, I can guarantee that your going to regret climbing that ladder and cementing yourself a spot with me for such a high stake prize like the EWA title. If you think you've seen the meanest, roughest and toughest JD Roberts, that your sadly mistaken. When you put more on the line, I lay it all on the line. I will kill myself to have the Southern flag wave high. Gaining the EWA Heavyweight Title would make my daddy Bamm Bamm very proud. It would also be a pivital step into restoring the necessary law & order here in the EWA.

EWA's "Beach Party" is right around the corner. May 22nd to be exact. I finally get my chance to get you back in the ring Chace Rawlings but this time we have company. The Heavyweight champions, Versace Enterprises. I dont know which one will be in the match. I dont know really care quite frankly. I have my opportunity. I will step on whoever I need to step on in order to sit on the throne as the only true Heavyweight Champion in the state of Maryland. Chace Rawlings, You are running on stupidy and a over-abundence of alcohol. Versaci Enterprises are running on greed and money. Come "BEACH PARTY", There won't be a whole lot partying until after that last bell rings. At that time, Skynyrd will be'a blarin', flags will be wavin', and JD "Bamm Bamm" Roberts will be standing tall & strong, loud & proud, rockin' my newest belt buckle, the EWA Heavyweight Championship. Ya'll can believe that!