NEWS >>> JD Roberts on BEACH PARTY

April 16, 2011 attempted on many occassions to reach #1 contender JD 'Bamm Bamm' Roberts for an exclusive interview. Mr. Roberts is quite the hard man to get in touch with. After being told time and time again that he would return our phone call, we never heard back from the southern heavyweight. Finally, in one last call, was able to finally reach the man himself. Here is a transcript from that interview:

- Hello, JD. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to speak with you.

JD Roberts: Yeah well if I didnt answer my d*mn phone you would have kept calling. If I want to talk to you, I'll talk to you.

- You dont have to do this interview if you don't want to Mr. Rober...

JD Roberts: Just shut up and ask your stupid questions. Im here, your here. So what's so d*mn important that you had to keep calling for.

- JD, We just wanted to get your thoughts on your upcoming match at BEACH PARTY for the Heavyweight title. Your match against Chace Rawlings and champions Versace Enterprises.


JD Roberts: Seriously? This is what was so important you had to call for? What am I suppose to say? I respect them? It will be a good match? I can't sleep at night because it is on my mind? Hell son. I don't respect them, I plan on stomping holes in bottoms, and im sleeping just fine at night.

- But, you don't know who from Vercace Enterprises will be defending the titles. Also, Chace Rawlings has been on a roll as of late. This doesnt worry you?


JD Roberts: Worried? Do I look like a man who gets worried? Let me tell you something moron. I don't care who is in the match. I don't care who is representing Versace Enterprises. Most of the times when I fight in a bar, I fight whoever has a problem with me. I don't come up with strategy and seek who I destroy. It just happens that way. So to answer you question. I dont care who it is. And as far as Chace is concerned, I'm not worried about him. If Chace knows what is good for him, he won't even both showing up.

- We learned that Chace is already at Bluefins waiting for the show to start. A featured video was published to our website capturing his voyage.


JD Roberts: Capturing his voyage? Are you writing a d*mn book on Columbus? Was he on a boat? Did he sail? Im not an idiot. I saw the video. Chace is an idiot. And Jim Christian is an idiot...

- Jim Christian is an idiot? What does Jim Christian have to do with this?


JD Roberts: C'mon. We all know Jim Christian is the man that runs this company. So utlimately he is the man that is allowing this drunken disgrace to compete in the EWA. Wrestling doesnt need people like Chace Rawlings. He is a a joke. Versace Enterprises and all of their lackeys are jokes. Everything in the EWA is a joke. From it's owner to the rest of this so-called roster. EWA needs some law & order. That is what I am going to provide...

- What is it that...


JD Roberts: Shut your trap son. I'm not done talking. EWA needs some cleaning. EWA needs a man like JD Roberts. I don't need them as much as they need me. I am the only real true heavyweight in this state. So it is fitting that the Heavyweight championship goes around my waist. It started with Cole Calloway, Then Zulu and then the Double ring match at Evolution. The EWA Heavyweight championship isnt the end-all. It is just the next step into my restoration of integrity, justice, law & order in the EWA.

- So May 22nd at Bluefins Restaruant...


JD Roberts: Did I say I was done talking? No. So shut your trap. May 22nd at Bluefins is going to be blaze of glory and another victory for the south. Versace Enterprises, Chace Rawlings and all the hipocrit fans of the EWA will witness a new heavyweight champion in JD 'Bamm Bamm' Roberts. A champion that they need. Law & order is coming to the EWA and all will be rectified at Beach Party. You can believe that.


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At this point we "lost connection" with JD Roberts. JD appears to have some strong thoughts on his opponents at Beach Party. Despite Bamm Bamm's lack of worries going into this match, We have a feeling at that it won't be a walk in the park by any means. JD 'Bamm Bamm' Roberts, EWA's party on legs Chace Rawlings and a representative from Versace Enterprises compete for the EWA Heavyweight championship this coming Sunday at BEACH PARTY at Bluefins Restaurant. For tickets, please call 443-858-2755.