If this was the wild west, then some man would be blazing into the saloon and putting his arm around some cowboys girl, a war of words would break out and then we would be looking on in the dust clouded dirt road as the two men were about to draw on one another.

That's been the week in the EWA. The dust has been stirred up

When hearing of current RoH star & former EWA Cruiserweight champion Adam Cole making his awaited EWA return to challenge current champion Trent Farrell, I was stoked. The much more polished Cole is the longest reigning EWA Cruiserweight Champion in history with a lengthy 16 month title reign. Thinking of this as 'Homecoming' of sorts for Cole, I was a bit taken back as he sent us a special message by video on the EWAMaryland.com homepage. Cole was just as snarky as he was when he left the EWA for Ring of Honor. Confidence swaying to cockyness just as it always had from Cole. I guess I was expecting a more humbled return of Adam Cole. But it looks like we have the same Cole we left with. One thing can be said for a cocky athlete, they leave open opportunities. Opportunities is something Trent Farrell is no stranger to. He received an opportunity, took advantage of it and now stands today the EWA Cruiserweight champion. Some say he doesnt deserve it. Some say it is a fluke. Yet all he has done up to this point is just win. I guess Trent Farrell is sorta like the Tim Tebow of the EWA! Well, without the lord on his side, or the charming good looks...or arms the size of cannons...or a heisman trophy. Whatever. All he is does is "Just Win Baby!". Need I say more? The war of words has been struck by both and now it's on. If you haven's seen the two videos from both men, then I suggest going to News page, scrolling down and checking them out.

Sticks and stones may break my bones and Wesley Mercer will hurt me. Well not me, but Eric C. Jones. Strong words coming out of the Mercer camp this week as he not only let it be known that this is a important match for him to get back on the right foot, but a match that he will certainly hurt EWA newcomer Eric C. Jones. Mercer kinda reminds me of that Angelica girl from the old Nickelodean show Rugrats. He isn't just mean, He is spiteful and conniving. Mercers video promo just assures that he has issues. Like seriously. For Christmas, someone should of bought him a gift card to a psychologist.

Is it okay to stare at another woman if they are wrestling without being smacked by my wife? That is the question on January 13th, 2012 that I will get answered. Onyx debuts for EWA and she is a looker. She can wrestle a broom and i'd still watch. So I will be highly intrigued and my eyes will be glued. I'll use "I'm watching wrestling" as an excuse and see how far that gets me. Beautiful woman, wrestling...just give me nachos and im in heaven. Really looking forward to the former Bronco Billie of Women Of Wrestling has in store for EWA on Friday the 13th.

(We pause this writing for our Berger Cookie break. Berger Cookies are on sale at all EWA events, Local Royal Farms and by visiting www.bergercookies.com...PS Corey Berger, I am out of Berger Cookies..............(taking bite)...........right now. So I need a re-fill. Thanks )

The poll is still up on the main page to vote on your favorite stipulation matches for the January 13th event. Many to chose from. Many other stipulations will be apart of the selection pool but we chose to throw out a mixed variety to see what our fans enjoy. So vote away and let your voices be heard!

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Superstar Q&A's >>> Davey Havok


Q: Who would you say are your biggest influences in pro wrestling?
A: My biggest influences would have to be Eddie Guerrero and Triple H. 2 guys who just have so much respect for the business.

Q: What made you decide to become a professional wrestler?
A: I became a pro wrestler because it's been a dream since I was just a kid. Being able to do this is truly a dream come true.

Q: While in training, what would you say the most difficult aspect was?
A: Training, the most difficult aspect would have to be the repetition. Doing it over and over again until it was perfect. But honestly I loved every minute of it.

Q: If you had a midget for 24 hours, What would be on your day's agenda?
A: A midget for 24 hours! That's a whole new dream come true. It would be a pint size party all day long. We would go out on the town, hit up some bars. I'd take him to a candy store, maybe let him pick a nice cupcake to pop out of.

Q: Take us back to the day of your first pro wrestling match. What do you remember about the day?
A: My first match was against Wes Mercer. I remember everything. Exactly how the match went and how close I was to winning. Also, how Wes cheated to beat me, but none the less, it was a great experience bring in there with the guy, like him or not.

Q: Your singing karaoke, what is your go to song and why?
A: Karaoke, jeez I'm not sure if you guys want to hear that. I'd have to say I'd sing "I believe in a thing called love" by the darkness. Just because it's a song that everyone has to song along to, it gets em goin'

Q: What would you say your style of wrestling is, and where would you credit it from coming from?
A: I'd say I have a mix of styles. A technical style from my amatute wrestling days. A brawler style, from my days as an MMA fighter. And I try to do a little high flying to keep all my opponents on their toes and give the fans something flashy to see.

Q: Give us the Who, What, When, Why and Where on your dream wrestling match.
A: My dream match would be against Eddie Guerrero when he was the undisputed champ in my hometown of Baltimore, MD. He was one of the guys I said was a huge influence on why I got into wrestling and it wouldn't been such an honor to be in the ring with him. RIP Eddie.

Q: What is a little known fact about you?
A: A little known fact about me? I guess most people don't know I like to listen to the oldies when it comes to music. 101.9 lite fm all day!

Q: What are your short terms and long term goals in the wrestling business?
A: My short term goals are just to learn as much as I can from everyone that I can and my long term goal is to be a guy that young rookies look up to one day in the locker room.